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Mixed Massage Modality

Tailor-made massage therapy focused on:

  • Pain/symptoms relief & recovery from musculoskeletal disorders
  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • Enhancing mobility & physical performance

Hi! I'm Tudor, a dedicated massage therapist since 2012.

Massage for me, first of all, needs a reason. For some, it’s pain relief, for some a way to enhance performance, for some a way to relieve stress. In mixed massage, only the most effective handpicked techniques are used to reach our goals.

I started practice in the Uk in late 2014, in a spa resort in Hampshire. After 3 years began a mobile massage service, continued to improve my knowledge and skills, optimize the therapy sessions to suit the needs, goals, and desires of each individual as much as possible. Now I'm excited to be practicing from the very well established Grayshott Chiropractic Clinic alongside a talented practitioner.

The duration of the massage therapy session for example is extended to 45 minutes instead of the typical 20-25 minutes back, neck and shoulders;90 minutes instead of 50-55 minutes for a full body.

Techniques used during the massage can be relaxing, slow and calming, gentle and therapeutic, deep and remedial, fast and energizing include movement, stretches, and mobilizations pending on needs and desires.

You can find out more and reach out on my personal website.

I'm looking forward to meeting you,